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Owner: Le Thi Hoang Yen   

Taking a position as the General Director of Muong Thanh Group at the age of 26, Ms Le Thi Hoang Yen earns people’s respect and admiration by her excellent leadership style. Thanks to this, Muong Thanh Group has been gaining increasing popularity and reaching new heights in the international hospitality industry.

“Muong Thanh Group has been established and developed in the spirit of Vietnamese culture, the unique identity of the wet rice civilization and the warmth and openness of the Vietnamese people. And the most distinguishing feature of the Muong Thanh Group is its purely Vietnamese name.” Ms Hoang Yen revealed.

In her 6 years leading Muong Thanh Group, Ms Le Thi Hoang Yen has been continuously expanding Muong Thanh hotel brand from 13 hotels up to nearly 60 hotels and hotel projects in 2019. Up to this time, Muong Thanh brand has been present in a variety of famous tourist destinations around Vietnam as well as in international markets, creating stable jobs for over 12,000 employees. The Group also pays thousands of billions of dong in taxes annually. Besides that, under Ms Yen’s management and development, the quality of services has been greatly improved, and hotels in the chain have been renovated and adjusted to suit the social and economic development of their individual localities.

Thanks to her effective strategies that are in line with market trends, Muong Thanh Group has made impressive progress, deserving its position as the largest hotel chain in Southeast Asia.

Horizon 88%

Vision 90%

Capability 94%

Expertise 85%

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