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General Manager: Albert Leong   

Mr Albert Leong currently holds the position of General Manager of the Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, one of the best four-star hotels in Vietnam providing international standard services. As an enthusiastic and passionate manager with extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, Mr Leong has worked for various four and five star hotel brands in numerous Asian countries including Singapore and China prior to coming to Vietnam and joining the Fortuna Hotel Hanoi. He brings over 30 years of luxury hotel management expertise, ushering in a new era of elegance and sophistication for the 350-room Hanoi property, making the Fortuna Hotel Hanoi one of the best choices for domestic and international travellers when visiting the capital of thousand years of civilization.

In his operational policies, Mr Leong always aims to work towards a more sustainable future by preserving natural resources and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. Mr Albert Leong’s passion for work along with his creative and can-do spirit have driven the Fortuna Hanoi to reach new heights of success, breaking revenue records and achieving prestigious awards.

Fortuna Hotel Hanoi

Fortuna Hotel Hanoi

4-star hotel

Expertise 91%

Horizon 87%

Leadership 95%

Capability 85%

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