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Hotel Indigo Alishan   

Hotel Indigo Alishan, nestled on the gorgeous mountaintop of Alishan, converges on four wonderful natural treasures in the heart of Taiwan’s fabled area. The 5-star hotel captures the Alishan mountains’ attractiveness and fresh air from the ancient cypress forest, known as “a green lung” shading an entire forest, deserving to be an ideal destination for peaceful souls, with the beauty of a breaking dawn, a stunning sunset, and a combination of a vast sea of clouds hiding mysterious pristine primeval forests.

The appealing resort is designed to be a calm environment with birdsong and pleasant sunshine touching the vast hillside as it enters the heart of the Alishan mountains. Because of this benefit, Hotel Indigo Alishan attracts a large number of travelers each year by combining nature into each living space. Furthermore, guests will have an amazing relaxing experience with a panoramic view of Taiwan’s untamed mountain landscape and will be able to take advantage of the best Alishan services when living in each room class. Hotel Indigo Alishan, a brand of the well-known hospitality IHG, has a range of rooms from standard to suite. With 5-star facilities, it can give tourists a luxurious journey and an unforgettable experience.

While visiting here, you will be surprised by the breathtaking scenery. With its distinctive construction, the hotel appears to blend into Alishan’s enchanting fairy bamboo forest. Furthermore, the bamboo forest is vividly present at Ton’u Kitchen, offering a cool atmosphere where you may taste famous Taiwanese specialties. ‘Aveoveoyu Bar, inspired by the hidden treasures in the “deep cracks” of the Alishan mountains, stands out in deep red tones blended with stone and wood materials, making this spot famous for bold and localized stories.

Let us prepare to forget all our worries and tensions at Hotel Indigo Alishan and make room for a pleasant vacation. You can relax in the rooftop infinity pool or hot tub while looking out at the vast green tea hills that span the entire area and catching the warm rays of sunshine amidst the chilly weather of the Alishan highlands. The comfy gym is also outfitted with a wide window that overlooks the infinite forest.

Tourists with the advantage of a convenient location to uncover the “mysteries” in the Alishan forest can choose between two options: hiking through the lush bamboo forests or stopping at the Alishan Forest Railway to learn more about the railway’s history. Visiting Hotel Indigo Alishan means entering a tranquil setting where everyone may immerse themselves in nature in the clouds and wind of Alishan’s fairyland.

Hotel Indigo Alishan






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