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Bali Island, Indonesia   

Bali, a famous tourist symbol in Indonesia, is dubbed as the paradise island in the world with unique turquoise blue beaches and long stretches of white sand. Although Bali Island is just a tiny gem located at the westernmost of Indonesia’s small Sunda archipelago, there are gorgeously impressive attractions. As a result, Bali is an ideal destination for domestic and international tourists with its great romantic beauty.

Bali Island has an area of about 5,780 square kilometers and is located more than 1,000 kilometers from the west of the capital, Jakarta. This precious gem has shaped a chick, with its beak facing the Indian Ocean. Bali was chosen as one of the best resort islands across the globe, due to the favor of nature with beautiful scenery. Belonging to the waters of the Indian Ocean and possessing wild beauty, Bali Island is always the island that attracts a large number of tourists in the world.

It is no exaggeration to say that Bali Island is truly a paradise, becoming the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia in particular and Asia in general. Many ancient Hindu temples with unique sacred architecture, vast green terraced fields, traditional villages, unique cuisine, and crystal-clear blue beaches with white sand stretching under bright sunlight would attract tourists when visiting Bali. Tourists will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in many adventurous windsurfing activities on the waves crashing on the shore or simply enjoy the fresh air. It would be an interesting and memorable experience to enjoy seafood on the beach while watching the waves crashing on the shore and colorful surfboards.

Bali Island will definitely be a wonderful destination on a journey to collect unforgettable memories during sea trips.

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