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General Manager: Michael Vorderleitner   

Michael Vorderleitner is the General Manager of Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet and Novotel Phan Thiet Resort. With more than 30 years of experience and recognition in the high-end hotel industry, he is fulfilling his goals and duties perfectly like a true captain at Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet – a luxury resort with high-class facilities. Impressive design, inspired by Port Royal castle, once the capital of the Caribbean pirates with Dutch colonial architecture.

As a leader, he does his best to create positive, relevant, productive and lasting working relationships. Above all, he constantly explores market trends and applies business strategies that are not only sustainable but also consistent.

Prior to taking the position of general manager of Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet and Novotel Phan Thiet Resort, he had a special understanding of hotel operations and management including finance, forecasting, human resources, revenue management and sales & marketing capabilities. In addition, he possesses excellent organizational skills, the ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment. With his versatility and dynamism, he always pushes the vision of the company, owners and shareholders forward. At the same time, inspire our associates and employees to strive to make Mövenpick Resort Phan Thiet become an outstanding resort in high-class experience, multi-utility and professional services, bringing the perfect experience for every traveler.





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