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Ville De Mont Mountain Resort   

Anchored 1550m above sea level on the southern slopes of Ham Rong mountain, Ville De Mont Mountain Resort is surrounded by the vast green pine forest, overlooking the Muong Hoa valley, a national heritage site, which has long been included in the list of the most beautiful terraced fields in the world.

Built based on the philosophy of preserving and respecting nature and indigenous culture, the 39 villas are a harmonious combination of contemporary architecture and extremely delicate design unique to Sapa.

Around 90% of staff at the resort are local people. Ville De Mont Mountain Resort offers a variety of activities to help visitors immerse themselves in nature such as hiking, or motorbike trips. Journey through the Sapa hills and admire the breathtaking views, terraced fields and poetic H’Mong villages. At the end of the day come back to the resort to enjoy local cuisine at the restaurant – relax by the bar or escape to the Ville De Mont Spa to experience traditional remedies such as Red Yao’s herbal bath, an acupressure massage or a hot stone massage.

Float amongst fluffy white clouds, breath the crisp fresh air whilst enjoying restful and peaceful activities. A resort designed to entwine the most heavenly natural setting with long-standing traditional cultural values. Ville De Mont Mountain Resort is a beautiful symphony between the magnificence of nature, where the beauty of pristine culture and majestic mountains coexist.

Reduce plastic waste 90%

Efficient use of water 91%

Support the local community 90%

Eco-friendly services 90%

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