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Muong Thanh Hotel Group   

With more than 26 years of operations and development, Muong Thanh Hotel Group with its Muong Thanh Hotel brand is currently the largest private hotel chain in Southeast Asia. With nearly 60 hotels and hotel projects of an international standard, stretching across Vietnam and expanding its sphere of operations to the Laotian capital.

Established in Dien Bien, a land famous for its long-standing traditions in Northwest Vietnam, the Muong Thanh brand has inherited the unique cultural beauty of the Thai ethnic group with its symbolic brocade, bauhinia variegata and Northwest people, symbolised by the characteristic and strong yellow eagle wings.. This is also a distinctive identify that makes Muong Thanh different from other brands: Loyalty and persistence with the ideal of preserving traditional and cultural values.

To bring new experiences and satisfy the diverse needs of guests, Muong Thanh Hotel Group provides a comprehensive range of different service and accommodation levels including Muong Thanh Luxury, Muong Thanh Holiday, Muong Thanh Grand and Muong Thanh, meeting all the requirements of relaxation, business or exploration. Hotels of the Muong Thanh hotel chain feature sophistication in space, luxury in design, meticulous care in interiors and most importantly, dedication and sincerity from the heart of Muong Thanh people.

With its strong development, Muong Thanh Group is continually launching new hotels every year, affirming its position as the leading private hotel chain in Southeast Asia.

Location 90%

Services 89%

Facilities 86%

Local Culture 89%

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