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A year ago, travelling around the world was really easy and completely possible. However, due to a global pandemic unfolding, travel experiences are currently being limited and might look a little different this year. So, how will the travel industry recover after the pandemic?

The staggering global scale of the coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on all economic sectors and tourism may have been the worst-affected. However, the travel industry is able to rev its engines in the direction of recovery and embrace new travel trends post-lockdown.


What travel looks like in the world right now

Emerging from this torpor, we will definitely be craving lots of relaxing vacations, holiday destinations and health-enhancing experiences. Therefore, instead of opting for unique travel experiences and popular sights whilst enjoying exotic cuisine, safety will be at the forefront for people making travel decisions.

It is undeniable that coronavirus has made a lot of changes to the accommodation sector. Many hotels and resorts around the world have established new cleanliness standards and protocols to ensure their guests feel safe while staying. Additionally, lodging providers are promoting and advertising their rigorous cleaning standards as well as new hygienic measures. For instance, providing hand sanitiser around hotels; promoting mobile and socially-distanced services and enhancing staff’s awareness of medical situations. These measures have contributed to reassurance and relaxation for travellers.

In addition to accommodation considerations, savvy travellers spend a lot of time choosing where to eat and what to do. Instead of travelling to bustling destinations, travel trends have altered and people are seemingly looking for more health-enhancing experiences and restorative immersions in nature. A lot of people travel to taste different foods, though, due to the current circumstances, this will not be the same as before. Instead of bagging a table at a crowded restaurant, spend your time enjoying a room service breakfast or cooking with your family.


The travel industry is rebounding post-lockdown. Travellers will see an amazing variety of significant changes. Therefore, they will have more options whilst making travel decisions.

What travel looks like in the world right now


A staycation or a stay-at-home vacation became popular a few years ago. It allows you to find relaxation and peace in a space that you never do because of a busy schedule. As foreign travel is currently being limited by social distancing restrictions, a staycation could be your only option.

A staycation is basically a vacation that you can take at home, near your home or at least travel domestically rather than crossing international borders. It usually refers to holiday-makers staying at home and visiting local attractions. A staycation offers plenty of significant advantages. You can save time as you do not have to queue at airports, you do not have to worry about limited numbers being allowed into big attractions; discover or rediscover your region, save money and unwind without the need to take time off from work.

There is an amazing variety of activities to get the most out of your staycation. For instance, go for a bike ride or watch a movie, go to the beach or pool, read a book, drink a cup of coffee, visit a local museum or have a weekend break at an urban hotel. Visiting local places and taking part in activities close to home will be more meaningful and more attractive.

What travel looks like in the world right now


Glamping is the portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. It is a type of accommodation, usually a yurt or a luxury tent for travellers to consider when looking for ways to socially distance and a change of scenery. Although this term has been floating around the UK since 2005, it actually dates back from the 16th century. In Scotland, Earl of Atholl, set up a lavish tent filled with luxurious furnishings and adornments to welcome King James V and his mother. The ancient Ottomans were known for setting up lavish tents for military campaigns that both were convenient for transport and attached to their local culture.

Today, lavish tents are often hidden in a quiet forest, surrounded by smooth green trees and lots of wildlife. Glamping allows you to unwind in nature and enjoy all the luxury comforts you want in a well-appointed tent. Glamping is all about making your camping experience comfortable and luxurious, from chefs, butlers, guides to therapists who are always available to bring the best experiences to you. After the coronavirus lockdown, the glamping movement is growing more and more as travellers want to treat themselves to a relaxing getaway. There are many types of glamping such as safari tents, Mongolian Yurts, Teepees, domes, igloos, caves, tree houses and cabins.

What travel looks like in the world right now


Air travel has opened up the world thanks to its convenience and speed, but you should think carefully about transport arrangements after the coronavirus crisis. Not only do aeroplanes use a lot fuel and have extremely high carbon emissions, but they also require a lot of interaction in small spaces, so avoiding air travel will help reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of time spent in close contact with others.

Instead of flying via aeroplane, travelling by car, motorbike, train or bicycle are fantastic options. Slower travel methods provide opportunities to experience and discover destinations en route in a refreshing natural ambience. Going by train or car will allow you to be closer to nature and more comfortable as you can get a mesmerising view of surrounding landscapes through the window. In 2020, the travel industry is fully embracing this trend and will make it more and more popular amongst travellers.

What travel looks like in the world right now


The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill, including tourism. However, it is likely the time for the travel industry to change and recover in a positive and better way. Safety and quality are key for sustainable tourism. Currently, there are so many priorities such as overtourism, the environment and trip costs that we can improve to be much more responsible and ethical. Travellers will continue to be adventurous, but travel experiences may be addressed with heightened levels of safety and cleanliness. When the time is right, plan a trip to stunning destinations and appreciate your travel experiences.

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