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Madame Kieu: Vietnam’s Leading Vietnamese Restaurant 2024   

The ancient city of Hoi An is known as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam attracting tourists from all over the world due to its ancient, poetic beauty and delicious food. Amongst the countless restaurants in Hoi An, Madame Kieu is one of the most renowned and is frequented regularly by tourists and locals alike.

Madame Kieu restaurant occupies a prime location on lantern street on the corner of the night market across from the ancient Japanese bridge. The design-scape is airy and spacious and follows the traditional Vietnamese style imbued with characteristics of the traditional old town. From the restaurant’s balcony, guests can enjoy unrivalled and panoramic views of the Thu Bon River as the boats glide along heralding the warm glow of the iconic Hoi An lanterns.

Madame Kieu restaurant serves diverse Vietnamese dishes prepared from the freshest and highest quality local ingredients. The cuisine served here is highly appreciated for its delicious, vibrant flavours, imbued with Vietnamese culinary identity and served with Hoi An’s heartfelt hospitality.

Some famous dishes at Madame Kieu  include Hoi An beef pho: Hoi An’s famous beef pho with delicious chewy noodles, rich broth, fragrant stewed bone, and soft and sweet beef; Grilled beef with leaves: a typical Vietnamese culinary dish with soft, fragrant beef grilled on leaves, served with vermicelli and raw vegetables; Shrimp and meat spring rolls: a dish loved by tourists with a crispy crust and rich, delicious shrimp and meat filling; Hoi An bread: Hoi An’s signature bread with crispy crust, grilled meat, pate, pork sausage, cucumber and  chili sauce.

With the highest quality of cuisine, a charismatic space, prime location and friendly service, Madame Kieu restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine when visiting Hoi An.

Madame Kieu

Vietnamese Restaurant

Raw Materials Quality 91%

Quality of Food 91%




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