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Sven A. Saebel: Vietnam’s Leading General Manager 2024   

Born in Munich in 1974, Sven A. Saebel embarked on a distinguished career with leading hospitality brands such as Kempinski Hotels & Resorts. His journey began with a strong foundation in hospitality management, supplemented by advanced courses in Kuala Lumpur and Thailand. However, it was his tenure at The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei, a renowned seven-star resort, that marked a turning point in his career before he ventured into Vietnam’s dynamic market in the early 2000s.

Over two decades, Mr. Saebel has left an indelible mark on Vietnam’s hospitality landscape, championing excellence and innovation. His mission has always been clear: to elevate Vietnamese hospitality standards and nurture the next generation of industry leaders. His approach combines strategic vision with hands-on mentorship,ensuring that his influence extends beyond immediate business results to long-term industry growth.

In 2023, driven by his passion for coastal cities, Mr. Saebel returned to Vung Tau as the General Director of Vias Hotels & Resorts. Under his leadership, Vias Hotel Vung Tau has emerged as the pinnacle of luxury hospitality in the region. He also oversees the expansion of the Vias Hotels & Resorts portfolio, including prestigious properties like Vias Van Phong and Vias Bao Loc, reinforcing the brand’s presence and reputation.

With nearly a quarter-century devoted to Vietnam’s tourism sector, Mr. Saebel has received numerous prestigious accolades. Mr. Saebel’s dedication, coupled with his visionary leadership and passion for hospitality, makes him an exemplary candidate for Vietnam’s Leading General Manager of the Year. His story is not just one of professional success but also of enduring commitment to raising the bar in Vietnam’s hospitality industry, setting benchmarks that inspire and drive the entire sector forward.

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