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General Manager: Erwin R. Popov   

Setting foot in the hospitality industry almost three decades ago, Mr. Erwin R. Popov – the General Manager of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, is a seasoned hotelier with great leadership, full of inspiration and extensive experience.

As a people-person at heart since a very young age, Erwin found the hospitality industry an ideal match to his penchants, in which the pleasure of curating memorable luxury experiences for guests is the most attractive aspect. In his blooming career with various managerial positions, he has always had faiths in the organization, its management and core values to steer an individual’s growth. He invests his focus and persistent dedication in the tasks, leads his team by standing with them and treasuring the collective decisions.

In Hanoi Daewoo Hotel Erwin has constantly thought about how he and his team can go above and beyond, highlighting the exceptional design, service and imagination of the property since he took the helm in 2015. Therefore, the hotel has achieved significant success in its target market, flexibly adapted to the uncertainty of the pandemic situation, and now stays ready in this new normal.

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

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